Monday, 16 April 2007

Torzal Twist Bass Guitar Review

A Bass with a twist!

Little Guitar Works have designed a bass guitar with a twist. I’m not talking about your usual gimmicks this guitar really does have a huge twist in it’s neck! 35 Degree’s to be exact 15 at the bridge and 20 at the nut. The strings on this instrument are still straight just the bridge leans one way and the nut leans the other.

Why have they does this?

They made it like this to make it easier and more comfortable to play. It also helps people with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), tendonitis, and other "overuse" injuries. It can be used by all players to lower the risk of these playing related problems.

The rotation in the neck minimizes how much your wrist twists while you play. The twist at the bridge is to ease the bending of your right wrist. They have also considered the shape of the bass to maximize comfort and playability. Such as how it balances on a strap or on your knee while sitting.

Cost : unknown - You have to have one custom made.

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Tom Boyd


Tucson Bass Player said...

I have never seen this before. What a great concept. Just by coincidence I just saw a great video by Todd Johnson about arm position to avoid carpal tunnel.

Bass News said...

Wow. What a freaky bass! Never seen such a thing and can't really imagine it being something ergonomic to play...

Newbie bass player said...

Dude I can not imagine a lot of these to be sold. I would never own one myself, way too weird.

rdking said...

very interesting bass guitar, someday I might have to try one