Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Song Lesson: RHCP - Snow (hey Oh) - Verse

Song: Snow ((hey Oh)) ( Verse)

Artist: The Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Level: Beginner (But fun to play for all)

As suggested in a comment I will do a lesson on how to play thing song by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Click Here to view the comment

If you’re new to bass don’t worry about the theory bits for now. I will cover those in detail in future lessons and then you can come back and understand it.

Ok this song starts with two riffs (Parts).

Here is the first riff:

This is being played while the guitar plays a G#m Chord for one bar.

Ok Here is the second Riff:

This is played over the bar two while the guitar plays a B Chord.

Ok that’s the basics of the verses done. Some variations of the riff are played in places but to start with we won’t worry about it. Just practise these slowly. Really slowly, just one note slowly followed by the next. Get it perfect so every note rings clearly. One you can do that play it more like the song ( 1st note- rest – then the three note run) once you can do this practise switching between the two riffs smoothly. Now play the recording of the song and play along. Focus on staying in time with the record.

Well I hope this has helped someone out there. If you liked this lesson or have a question send me a comment!

Tom Boyd

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