Monday, 9 April 2007

Bass Links #1

Here is a useful list of Bass Websites: A Interesting forum with a section to ask experts This site is full of useful information and lessons Does what it says on the tin! Music Theory! Bass forum – Not read much of this one yet. This is an excellent lessons site. Check it out

Got a link?

If you know any more websites, forums or blogs about Bass Guitar then please comment this post.

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Tom Boyd


CrazyFretz said...

That's a pretty useful list of links. Maybe an idea for a new post would be some examples of good songs that will help teach you bass. e.g. the bass to Snow(hey oh) is very simple, and as such would be useful for someone starting out wanting to play a nice song but with minimum skill. You could maybe rate them on difficulty.

TomBoyd said...

Great idea! I will do that. Thanks for your comment

Tom Boyd

Play Bass Online said...

Hey, another site for your collection is