Thursday, 12 April 2007

String Review - 'Flea Signature' Bass Boomers (45-105)

Yesterday I got a set of these strings. My Fiancée got them for me which was so nice of her!
I got home and put them straight on my bass. I had no choice of getting new strings as I had snapped my E string (even though I thought it was like impossible to brake a E string on a bass haha).

These string are amazing! The tone between these and my old strings is incredible. My old strings where over a year old though! But even when they were new they didn't sound like these. Currently they are a bit 'Tinny' and to bright for my liking but I'm sure after a few weeks they will be great. They also have like red string at the top where they wind round the tuners which I like alot.

I didn’t get these because they are Flea Signature strings. All though I am a huge Red Hot Chilli Peppers fan. I got them because I had tried the two other makes in the shop and wanted something new. They also happened to be the cheapest. But that’s also not why I got them.


  • Nickel-plated steel wrap
  • Stainless steel/nickel plate wrap on the low E for added power

Cost: £18.99 (could of properly got them cheaper online but I needed them quickly)

I will update you on how I get on with them soon. I’m sure once they lose there new string brightness and I get back to college next week and start using them all day long they will be a whole different animal.

Tom Boyd

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Update 16/4/07 : Today I had chance to use these strings properly at rehearsal. They have defiantly settled down a bit now with the new string brightness fading a warmer tone taking its place.

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eugene said...

Hi Tom,
How are you getting on with the Bass Boomers?
I have used the Bass Boomers strings when i have set up peoples basses for them and i think they are good for the money..
When new you get the bright tone and later they bed in, pretty good.
I have been checking out your site
its good.. I have been playing for over 20 years and i still love anything to do with the bass.
Whats your favorite bass out there?
Over the years i have collected a few..
Well thanks tom.. Keep bassing.