Monday, 16 April 2007

Torzal Twist Bass Guitar Review

A Bass with a twist!

Little Guitar Works have designed a bass guitar with a twist. I’m not talking about your usual gimmicks this guitar really does have a huge twist in it’s neck! 35 Degree’s to be exact 15 at the bridge and 20 at the nut. The strings on this instrument are still straight just the bridge leans one way and the nut leans the other.

Why have they does this?

They made it like this to make it easier and more comfortable to play. It also helps people with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), tendonitis, and other "overuse" injuries. It can be used by all players to lower the risk of these playing related problems.

The rotation in the neck minimizes how much your wrist twists while you play. The twist at the bridge is to ease the bending of your right wrist. They have also considered the shape of the bass to maximize comfort and playability. Such as how it balances on a strap or on your knee while sitting.

Cost : unknown - You have to have one custom made.

Website :

Tom Boyd

Saturday, 14 April 2007

Red Hot Chili Peppers Snow Video

I thought this would be handy for anyone using my 'RHCP-Snow Bass Lesson'.

You can play along to this song to practise.

Happy Bassing

Tom Boyd

Thursday, 12 April 2007

String Review - 'Flea Signature' Bass Boomers (45-105)

Yesterday I got a set of these strings. My Fiancée got them for me which was so nice of her!
I got home and put them straight on my bass. I had no choice of getting new strings as I had snapped my E string (even though I thought it was like impossible to brake a E string on a bass haha).

These string are amazing! The tone between these and my old strings is incredible. My old strings where over a year old though! But even when they were new they didn't sound like these. Currently they are a bit 'Tinny' and to bright for my liking but I'm sure after a few weeks they will be great. They also have like red string at the top where they wind round the tuners which I like alot.

I didn’t get these because they are Flea Signature strings. All though I am a huge Red Hot Chilli Peppers fan. I got them because I had tried the two other makes in the shop and wanted something new. They also happened to be the cheapest. But that’s also not why I got them.


  • Nickel-plated steel wrap
  • Stainless steel/nickel plate wrap on the low E for added power

Cost: £18.99 (could of properly got them cheaper online but I needed them quickly)

I will update you on how I get on with them soon. I’m sure once they lose there new string brightness and I get back to college next week and start using them all day long they will be a whole different animal.

Tom Boyd

Recomended Reading : Snow (RHCP) Lesson

Update 16/4/07 : Today I had chance to use these strings properly at rehearsal. They have defiantly settled down a bit now with the new string brightness fading a warmer tone taking its place.

Bass Links #2

Here are some more great Bass sites! - online tuner and a guide on how to string your bass. Bass lessons split into three 'books' Bass for beginners lessons

Hope you find these useful.

Tom Boyd

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Song Lesson: RHCP - Snow (hey Oh) - Verse

Song: Snow ((hey Oh)) ( Verse)

Artist: The Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Level: Beginner (But fun to play for all)

As suggested in a comment I will do a lesson on how to play thing song by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Click Here to view the comment

If you’re new to bass don’t worry about the theory bits for now. I will cover those in detail in future lessons and then you can come back and understand it.

Ok this song starts with two riffs (Parts).

Here is the first riff:

This is being played while the guitar plays a G#m Chord for one bar.

Ok Here is the second Riff:

This is played over the bar two while the guitar plays a B Chord.

Ok that’s the basics of the verses done. Some variations of the riff are played in places but to start with we won’t worry about it. Just practise these slowly. Really slowly, just one note slowly followed by the next. Get it perfect so every note rings clearly. One you can do that play it more like the song ( 1st note- rest – then the three note run) once you can do this practise switching between the two riffs smoothly. Now play the recording of the song and play along. Focus on staying in time with the record.

Well I hope this has helped someone out there. If you liked this lesson or have a question send me a comment!

Tom Boyd

Monday, 9 April 2007

Bass Links #1

Here is a useful list of Bass Websites: A Interesting forum with a section to ask experts This site is full of useful information and lessons Does what it says on the tin! Music Theory! Bass forum – Not read much of this one yet. This is an excellent lessons site. Check it out

Got a link?

If you know any more websites, forums or blogs about Bass Guitar then please comment this post.

You can also email me links

Tom Boyd

Getting started with Bass Guitar

This guide is for a total beginner if you already know this stay tuned for some much more advanced bass lessons soon.

Okay so you have a bass… now what?

Make sure its in tune!

I’m not going to bore you with how to tune your bass id say to start with use an electric tuner.

If you want to learn how to tune Click here

Right so you’re in tune!

Now its time to play! To start with you just need to get use to playing. To start with playing bass may feel very alien. Here is a very common and simple exercise to get you started. This will get you use to just fretting notes and walking your right hand fingers

1-2-3-4 Exercise

Put your index finger on the 12 fret (commonly marked with 2 dots) of the G String (this is the thinnest string) then play the next fret (The 13th) with your middle finger. Next the 14th fret with your ring finger. Finally play the 15th fret with your little finger. You should leave your fingers on the fret board as you go. Then play it backwards taking one finger off at a time.

Here is the tab for it.

( If you don’t understand this here is a guide to reading tab )

Hang on what’s my right hand doing?

Your right had plays the string alternating between your first and middle finger. Make sure the notes ring clear. If they don't look at your fretting hand to make sure your pressing just behing the fret (not on top of the metal bar but just behind it)

Your right hand should be doing.

Right, left, right left or Left, right, left right

I hope this has helped someone out there! Please comment with what you think… let me know if you found this useful. (I know most people won’t due to being past the 'Getting Started Stage'. Please check back for more advanced posts soon)

Tom Boyd

New Bass Blog Launched

Welcome to my new Blog on Bass Guitar!

This blog will include everything to do with playing bass and being a bass player.

Check back soon for some content

Tom Boyd