Wednesday, 7 October 2009

How to Learn the Bass Guitar

Learning to play Bass Guitar with all the online tutorials, free and paid and other user forums available to help you out might sound easy but it isn’t. It is super easy if you simply set your heart to it. With patience, dedication and regular practice you will have learnt the art of playing a Bass Guitar in next to no time! The common belief that mastering a bass guitar is tough is a misconception. It is only as tough as you think it is.

Here are a few tips to get you started on how to learn bass guitar if you are learning it for the love of it, the sound it makes and how it brings a song to life.

Start with the basics, in this case a four string bass guitar that is fretted because such instruments are easier to learn and play and four strings are a handful. You can skip this step if you already have played with fretted instruments before. Once you are comfortable playing the four strings you may graduate to five and then six stringed bass guitars, practice diligently.

Since it is only the beginning, spending big bucks on expensive guitars doesn’t make sense. Search for shops that sell four strings fretted bass guitars at rates that don’t burn a hole in you pocket. Buying a packaged deal is a better idea as incentives on buying it as a complete set are great. Also, you have all the accessories to go with your bass guitar now.

If you can’t find a good teacher at affordable rates, turn to the internet. But before signing up for any paid guitar lessons online, look up the site on Google and judge its web presence with reviews, discussion forums, etc. If you find overwhelming positive feedback but only a few negative reviews, watch out! You might want to find another place to learn bass guitar online.

Interact with other guitar learners and enthusiasts and play with them. Gang up with drummers and other instrument players to get the hang of keeping a rhythm. Have fun doing what you’ve learnt and keep playing!

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